Adaptive Functioning Evaluations

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Colorado Springs Adaptive Functioning Evaluations

Adaptive functioning refers to those skills that are needed to navigate everyday demands. Individuals usually learn adaptive behaviors over time. Although these skills include those needed for personal care to function independently, like brushing your teeth or buttering toast, they also include social skills.  Adaptive behaviors are important in the ability to develop relationships and go to work or school. Verbally expressing one’s thoughts and comprehending what others say is another important component.

If you are concerned that you or your child may need assistance developing these skills, an adaptive functioning assessment can help determine what treatment program is best. The evaluation, which usually takes about an hour, measures the level of an individual’s adaptive functioning to assess if they have intellectual disability and qualify for specialist services. To better assess a child’s behavior, psychologists observe them without a parent or caregiver present. In addition to examining specific behaviors during this psychological assessment, an interview and an IQ test may be performed.

Using the results of the adaptive functioning assessment, psychologists can recommend the next steps for treatments or therapies that can benefit you or your child.

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