A Compassionate To Counseling

Central Focus Psychological Group believes that strength lies within everyone, and with help of different types of therapy, we can support you in uncovering that strength to find ways to address the mental health issues you’re facing.  We provide a safe space for you to navigate your emotions, gain self-awareness, heal from past wounds, and develop coping strategies through our therapy and counseling services.

Our licensed therapist specializes in treating individuals, adolescents and families, and couples in whatever challenges and obstacles they’re up against.  We provide them with a wide range tools and guidance to set themselves up for a happier and healthier tomorrow.

Individual Therapy

Our focus is on supporting you in instigating positive change by uncovering the roots of unhealthy patterns and discovering effective strategies for managing them so you can achive better quality of life.

Child & Teen Therapy

Navigating the support needed for your child can be overwhelming, but you are not alone. Children and teenagers, like adults, can actively participate in and gain benefits from behavioral therapy sessions.

Marriage & Couples Counseling

Our couples therapy goal is to help couples improve relationship dynamics, strengthen communication & emotional connection. We want our patients to achieve personal growth, self awareness, and healing with their partners in order to have to healthy & happy partnership

Family Therapy

Our family therapist's offers professional counseling to families to address and resolve relationship issues, improve communication, and strengthen emotional health. By working together, families can develop healthier dynamics and coping strategies to navigate everyday life's challenges more effectively.

Addiction Therapy

We’ll embark on a compassionate exploration of your past, patterns, triggers, and beliefs. Together we’ll seek to gain a clear understanding of the nature of your addiction. Your recovery journey involves acquiring new skills and adopting a well-balanced, healthy lifestyle for both mind and body.

Group Therapy

Within a secure environment, group therapy offers an opportunity to explore your emotions alongside others who genuinely comprehend your struggles. Together, the group seeks solutions and mutual understanding.