Central Focus Psychological Group provides a comprehensive one-year, full-time doctoral and postdoctoral training opportunity specializing in neuropsychological assessments, diagnosis, consultation, and supervision within a prominent private practice setting. Our program, focused on Clinical Psychology, operates on a 40-hour workweek over 12 months, with interns engaging in 15-24 hours of direct client interaction per week. We offer allowances for holidays, sick leave, and vacation time. The program commences in early August and concludes after one year, totaling approximately 2000 hours of supervised experience.

Admission Criteria for Doctoral Internship Program

  • Interns must have completed their formal academic coursework at a degree granting program in professional psychology
  • Interns must be in good standing in their academic program
  • Interns must not have legal history that would prevent licensure or the practice of psychology in the state of Colorado
  • Interns must be fluent (both verbal and written fluency) in the English language
  • Interns must provide proof of malpractice insurance (typically provided by their degree granting program)

Eligibility Requirements for Post-Doctoral Internship Program

  • Successful fulfillment of all doctoral degree prerequisites from a regionally accredited institute or APA/CPA accredited program with a conferred degree
  • Application for a psychologist candidate (PSYC) temporary permit through the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies
  • Clean legal record enabling licensure and practice of psychology in Colorado
  • Proficiency in both spoken and written English Verification of malpractice insurance coverage

Objectives of the Doctoral Internship Program

  • Cultivate proficient psychologists equipped to practice across various domains of clinical psychology
  • Foster expertise in psychological assessment techniques among interns
  • Incorporate the Scientist-Practitioner model, emphasizing the fusion of empirical research with practical applications and a strong foundation in professional ethics

The internship program at Central Focus Psychological Group prioritizes diagnosis, assessment, and clinical conceptualization while fostering professional relationships among interns and staff. Interns are encouraged to cultivate their professional identity and collaborate within multidisciplinary teams. Proficiency in psychological services delivery and the development of essential professional qualities are key objectives. Join us by applying today.